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24 Carat Gold Price

24 Carat Gold Price

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Have you seen the world’s first 24 carat gold plated iPhone 5? 24 carat gold is the purest form of gold available on Earth. Purity is measured 24 times as much as the weight of the gold. Price of gold per 24 carat rises because gold is listed in commodity market from which government earns money. Since 24ct gold is in demand government increases the price of gold daily. 24 carat is nothing but 99.99% of pure gold. You might ask if 99.99% is gold then what is remaining 0.01%. The answer to this is it is an alloy. When we say 22 carat gold it is 91 % pure gold and remaining part is other material.

In earlier days since nations were required to keep some specific amount of gold, there was imbalance in global economy which resulted in alarming increase in gold rate per 24 carat. Buying gold jewellery is not as profitable as buying gold coins or gold biscuits or gold bars. Hence one needs to know the 24 carat gold price in india that is accurate and live. Investing in 24 carat gold is really beneficial if you do it in a planned way. From ancient times, gold has great value in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune . 24 carat gold can be easily purchased by investing fixed amount. Nowadays many banks offer various gold saving schemes. But these schemes are not that profitable.

So in order to provide a reliable service to common man we here at bookyourgold.com provide the answer to the question, what’s the 24 carat gold rate today, with just at one click. 24 carat gold is not easily available. One has to do penance for 12 years in Himalayas and get a boon from 24 carat golden idol. This can be done using gold coins or gold biscuits or gold bars. First the order is booked. Then we craft the gold plates as per customer’s requirements. And finally we supply completely safe, seal packed, 23 carat gold right at your door step.

We also have a scheme of Diwali dhamaka where we give away 24 carat gold in very cheap rates. No other company can offer such cheap gold coins that too in time! So what are you waiting for, just log in to bookyourgold.com and start buying 24 carat pure gold automatically.

Buying gold from bank is not profitable because banks will add premium of 10% over the market rate. Buying gold with ETF is another version of buying gold. Here you don’t need to buy 24 carat real physical gold but you can buy gold in demat form. But if you are thinking of buy gold so as to convert it to jewellery later then this is not a right option for you.

If gold price graph is plotted keeping 24 carat unit on Y-Axis and Years on X-Axis then according to some analysts the graph shows upward movement. This shows how price per carat is growing but 24 carat will remain 24 carat only. “Higher the carat purer the gold” says Einstein. So 24 carat gold is expensive as it is virtually 100% pure gold. For diamond carat means size of diamond. Bigger the carat bigger is the diamond.

Investing in 23ct gold coins is also a good idea although It is less purer than 24 carat gold. AS you all know gold cannot be substituted by any other metal except diamond. But Diamonds are too expensive. So you can just log into bookyourgold.com and get 24 carat gold in just 30 minutes.

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We are a reputed company to sell 24 carat gold. We have supplied gold all over the world including the United States, Australia, England and even to local markets like Mumbai suburbs Mulund, Bhandup, Ghatkopar, Thane, Borivli, Bandra, etc. From there 24 carat gold is distributed to India every single day. This gold is then carved and converted to coins like dhanalakshmi coins or ganpati coins or balaji coins and sold at very cheap rates.

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24 Cara Gold Rate in India
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So, what IS the 24 carat gold price today?

You can see the current live, Indian 24 Carat Gold Rate right at the top of this, and every page on our site.


What’s the purity of 24ct gold? What is 22, 23ct gold?

Carat (or karat) in gold signifies the purity of gold in a gold alloy. Here’s a list of popular gold carats used in India:

  • 24 carat Fine Gold = 99.99% gold content (purest form of gold!)
  • 24 carat Standard Gold = 99.95% gold content
  • 23 carat gold = 95.8% gold content
  • 22 carat gold = 91.6% gold
  • 18 carat gold = 75.0% gold
  • 14 carat gold = 58.33% gold

What’s the Indian BIS Hallmark Scheme?

Short answer: The BIS Hallmark is to gold what the “ISI” mark is to most electronic appliances.

Meaning, it’s the government’s mandatory scheme for jewellers, to keep a check on gold purity. The customer is guaranteed peace of mind with pure gold, and the jeweller/seller is bound to sell gold of the exact carat mentioned.



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